School Feeding Policy

National school feeding policy and implementation strategy unveiled. 

The Minister of Education, Dr. Eng. Getahun Mukaraba, on his part said the implementation of the school feeding program policy and strategy requires the support of all. Speaking at the National Education Policy and Strategy Approval Ceremony, the Minister said all stakeholders should take responsibility for the success of the approved school nutrition policy and strategy.  He also said that the school feeding program will help the students to be at risk of starvation, complete health and nutrition as well as better academic performance and results.

He said the program will not only improve the participation and effectiveness of education but also increase production and productivity. He said the main purpose of the school nutrition policy and strategy document approved today is to provide nutritious food to all pre-primary and primary school students every day during their stay at school.   According to Dr. Getahun, this will help to create a healthy and productive citizen by improving the participation and effectiveness of students.


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