Implementation of the COVID-19 policy in private schools

The Ministry of Education is conducting a surprise review of the implementation of the CVD policy in private schools.State Minister of Education Huria Ali visited some of the private schools in Addis Ababa and observed the current situation of the schools. Among the schools surveyed were Sanford International School and the American Community School. During the visit, State Minister Huria Ali briefed the students on the ongoing efforts to prevent the outbreak of cholera and briefed them on the ongoing activities of the schools.

During the visit, the schools observed the implementation of the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education to prevent cholera epidemic. The state minister also urged other schools to take the necessary precautions to prevent the reopening of the school and prevent the reopening of schools.

It was further stated that the Ministry of Education will conduct an emergency inspection of schools to check that the schools are implementing the directives issued by the ministry and the necessary action will be taken against schools that do not comply with the directives.

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