Get Back to School

“Bring my children back to school”:

Getahun Mekuria (PhD) Minister of Education An uneducated mind is exposed to problems because we will not be able to solve problems when we do not have an education, so let’s respect the human rights of students by sending the remaining students to school now.

Now it’s time to go back to school !!


Education Minister Getahun Mukaraba (Dr.) said in an interview with etv 4 Corner News that more than 9,000 students in secondary schools did not attend school.

The Minister of Education, Getahun Mukaraba (Dr.), has officially launched a campaign to ensure that students do not return to school due to various reasons.

He said all stakeholders and parents should work hard to ensure that students return to school.

The minister is concerned.

Education Minister Getahun Mekuria (PhD) urged parents to send their children to school.

Partners in education and non-educational institutions have also called for support for efforts to get students back to school.

A “Get Back to School” campaign is also underway to get students back to school.

Source: MOE PR   

Let’s go back to school!!

  We all have a responsibility to ensure that our out-of-school students return to school and attend school!! Teachers, parents, school staff, and the community at large lead the movement and bring students back to school.

Minister of Education

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