Educational Tablet

Supply Implementation and Commissioning of Educational Tablet & Smartphone Project

The Government of Ethiopia enhances the quality of learning and teaching in secondary school using Information Technology (ICT) through GEQUIP II program. The project will support an educational cloud (E-Cloud) infrastructure that will be piloted in selected secondary schools from emerging regions such as Gambella, Afar, Somali and Benishangul-Gumuz where specific hardware is provided. As a pilot the project is intended to supply, implement and commissioning of educational 480 tablets for 6 secondary schools and 180 mobiles for six secondary schools, that will support productivity and creativity applications, e-books, subject specific apps and educational games.

Studies on the use of tablets and mobiles in an educational environment on secondary schools shows mobile devices have advantages that make mobile learning popular in modern education. They support functionalities, such as Internet access, messaging, multimedia convergence and games. Access to these functionalities can enhance teaching and learning process. Due to this, Ministry of Education and Center for Educational ICT will provide tablet and mobile education for the selected 12 schools to access the Private Educational cloud and get update whenever there is a change on the servers.

The supplier duty on this project is on the school’s premises only and provide the necessary mobile application that helps to access the private educational cloud and infrastructure.

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