Dignity and Interests of teachers and administrative staff

A study is underway to protect the dignity and interests of teachers and administrative staff.

The Ministry of Education has organized a team of faculty and administrative staff from various government universities in August under the coordination of Bahir Dar University, said Berhanu Gedef, vice president of administration affairs at Bahir Dar University and chairman of the committee.

For the past three years, the ministry has been holding regular discussions with the Federal Civil Service Commission based on requests from various universities, and universities have been making requests to the commission for a wide range of upgrades.

However, when the questions were submitted to the Point Job Assessment Project Office, it was not supported by conducting the necessary research and in a way that would solve the problems of the knowledge institutions. As a result, problems remain unresolved.

In addition to complaints from universities, it has also been a source of pressure on the ministry and other relevant judicial institutions.

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