Department of Program Production

Works by the TV studio at the Center :-

  • Program recording is conducted in the studio with digital tools,
  • Performs panel discussion recording,
  • Perform live broadcasting and live editing
  • Recorded data will be compiled by software to be stored in Archive;
  • Field recording is performed, i.e, television programs perform field recording with digital devices,
  • Produces documentary TV programs that educate the public;

Performances by Radio Center at the Center :-

  • Performs recording of English language Interactive Radio Education programs for Grades 1 to 8 and provides broadcast to schools and regional radio stations with CD, Flash, and hard disk programs.
  • Collects and prepares SAFE for radio programs.
  • Provides technical support for teacher planning and input selection.

Educational Media Production Panel :-

  • Producing educational television programs,
  • Preparing annual transmission timetable,
  • Previewing educational television programs before broadcasting;
  • Digitizing educational television programs
  • Preparing special TV programs for teachers, students, educational leaderships, parents, and school community on how to utilize Educational Plasma TV Programs;
  • Producing, recording, & transmitting Documentary Programs;
  • Producing English Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) for primary education;
  • Providing services for external customers on TV programs production;
  • Providing services for external customers on evaluation of radio and TV programs;
  • Providing training on how to produce TV programs;
  • Providing library and e-library services ;
  • Consulting services on educational media



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