Department of IT

Information and Communication Technology Directorate

  • Connecting Secondary & Preparatory Schools across the nation via school net VPN in order to be able to use Cloud Computing Solution;
  • collecting essential educational – IT inputs in Secondary & Preparatory Schools as well as the Center in order to implement government policies and strategies;
  • establishing standardized data center at CEICT to interconnect all Secondary & Preparatory Schools in order to avail internet, e-library, video-on -demand, etc. services;
  • preparing bidding documents for ICT projects, allowing to be accessible in all medias, evaluating eligible bidding documents and announce the result, implement the project and evaluate the outcome;
  • establishing computer labs in all Secondary & Preparatory Schools and support the teaching-learning process in utilizing ICT;
  • working in collaboration with stake holders in order to utilize internet and e-learning equipments in all Secondary & Preparatory Schools;
  • providing technical support- network, database, software, website, maintenance, information security, editing and animation in the Center;
  • making accessible all educational digital contents for all users;
  • providing training for all regional, Woreda, and school experts on how to utilize ICT;
  • uploading information and educational digital contents on CEICT website; in order to be accessible to all teachers and students;
  • Searching currently available alternative technologies to be implemented, editing educational contents using animation and graphics.


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