Department of Engineering

Services provided by the Education Media Engineering Development Team

Recording services provided by television and radio

1. Services provided by TV Studio

  • Develop an educational and recreational program that educates the public, governmental and developmental institutions.
  • Statements made by stakeholders in the Ministry of Education Workshops, meetings, recordings of research results, notices and making them accessible to the public.
  • Providing services by recording and editing programs for regular and tutorial courses to secondary schools based on the curriculum.

2.  Recording Services Provided by Radio Studio

  • Providing recording and editing services of English interactive program
  • Recording and editing of various audio effects and educational awareness advertisements for the public.
  • Providing recording and editing English interactive radio education programs for elementary schools (grades 1-8)

3.  TV recording services at Field Trip

  • Provide video recording services on educational and entertainment programs for governmental and development offices and the public.
  • Statements made by stakeholders in the Ministry of Education, workshops, meetings, recordings of research results and make them accessible to the public.
  • Make the program accessible to the public by providing up-to-date and educational programs on selected topics
  • Service provided in all regional Zones, woredas, Kebeles, Educational Institutions, Elementary and High schools in Ethiopia to make accessible to the community by video recording best practices in the teaching and learning process.

4.   Making the society aware of the use of improved technology developed by universities and technical and vocational institutions in higher education institutions.

  • Natural attractions of all wild Animals lives in zones, woredas and kebeles of all regions of Ethiopia to provide access to the community by providing recording services of various historical and developmental public values.

5.  Services provided by engineering techniques

  • Provide technical and maintenance support for educational institutions and schools in all zones, woredas and Kebeles of all regions of Ethiopia, to continue Teaching learning process.
  • Provide technical and maintenance support to radio education stations in all regions of Ethiopia.

6.  Education Media Distribution Programs Services ·        

  • Support the teaching and learning process for 9th through 12th grade students in all regions of Ethiopia by distributing educational television / plasma / educational programs through 12 channels·    
  • Disseminate awareness to the public, educators and students as well as current and educational programs on the Ethiopian Education Television Channel.·        
  • Provision of curriculum-based regular and supplementary education programs for secondary schools.

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