Addis Ababa schools have opened their doors

Addis Ababa schools have opened their doors to their students and teachers. In other parts of the country, children, adolescents, and young people go to school with notebooks and pencils to learn. Unfortunately, many conflicts and instability have taken away this opportunity. For those who go to school, the growing Covand-19 epidemic is a high risk.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Leah Tadesse, warned on Saturday that guidelines should be implemented to help prevent the spread of the disease. These include the provision of schools, the vaccination of teachers with covand-19, the psychological preparation of parents for students, the teaching and implementation of preventive measures, and the provision of oral and nasal decongestants.

According to Dr. Leah, the Ministry of Health has called for the teaching and learning process to be carried out in a timely manner, taking into account the number of students and the size of the classrooms.

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